Bombas Socks – Amazing Socks, Amazing Story, Big Discounts

Bombas‘ socks are a MUST own.  Not only are they comfortable – they are backed by an amazing support staff and with each pair purchased, you’re helping out the homeless.  Why are they so great? Well, lot’s of reasons.

Bombas’ socks first appeared on Shark Tank (which I watch religiously) and had a GREAT message – for each pair of socks they sold, they would donate a pair to the homeless.  Apparently socks are the number one requested item at homeless shelters – who knew?  I love trying the products I see on Shark Tank – and I also love fancy and comfortable inexpensive clothing items that don’t break the bank. (you can buy designer socks that cost over 100 a pair, easily, and many others at 30 – 50 a pair)  I had to try Bombas.  Surprisingly, I forgot about them for a while so by the time I ordered them they had NO issues with shipping me my order on time. (online you will see reviews in which they initially had problems with demand after Shark Tank).  Some people (my wife and some friends especially) think that 12 dollars a pair for socks is too expensive.  I used to think that too until I realized what kind of quality I was getting with the cheap Walmart socks versus Bombas.  These socks not only are incredibly comfortable, they also hold up better. I’ve noticed they stay “new feeling” and “new looking” for much longer.  Not only that, they actually STAY UP.  I hate when my socks slide down – and these, while not perfect, seem to stay up much better.  Their design makes them feel cozy, while not being too tight. They “honeycomb” on the foot is actually kind of amazing – it gives a little bit of grip while allowing the sock to keep it’s shape.  Honestly, I prefer to wear Bombas over most other socks.  They are my “GO TO”!

Seriously – go buy a pair – or buy ten – or buy 20.  My advice is to buy a large pack and get a discount, PLUS use a coupon code and get an even better discount to bring the overall cost down.  Use my affiliate link AND buy a pack of 12 and save 10% on the pack and 25% with my link!  //   – Seriously, you’ll be glad you did!