Tommy John Underwear – How Can Underwear Be This Good?

I used to listen to Howard Stern and often heard him do advertising for Tommy John underwear and said it changed his life.  I thought he was lying, obviously.  At $30 to $40 dollars a pair, I thought someone would have to be crazy to buy underwear that expensive.  After all, I was 21 and was buying my underwear in packs of 5 from a lovely company called Hanes. They’d wear out in a couple of months and I’d either keep wearing them – or I’d toss them out when they were literally disintegrating!  Looking back, I wonder why I even wore them?  I was still on the “boxer” craze of the 90’s and my middle school days, but they were not particularly comfortable.  They bunched up all the time in jeans – they did the same in dress pants.  They added thickness when you didn’t want any thickness AND they did nothing to keep you “cool” or dry.  I knew people who wore boxer briefs and more form fitting underwear, but even those seemed restrictive and uncomfortable.

It wasn’t until I got my first pair of Tommy John’s as an item in my Birch Box men’s sample subscription service that I finally got to try them and fell in love.

The pair wasn’t even my current favorite Tommy John style! It was a blue XL Tommy John 360 pair of underwear with a little pocket in the front. WOW.  A pocket on my underwear? Insane.  What was more disturbing was how comfortable they were.  I hadn’t even tried their second skin style yet….which are even BETTER and simply AMAZING!

So, why are they better? Well, their fabric is SUPER soft and comfortable – it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing underwear.  It’s cut JUST right so it doesn’t sag, fall down, or ride up.  You don’t have to pick wedgies, adjust, or do any of that crap.  If you’re just a regular guy like me without an amazing physique, they also make underwear that will fit you and feel GOOD!

Seriously, try a pair.  I swear by them.  It’s all I wear now (mostly – there are a few other premium brands I like too – but not nearly as much as TJ – I only own a few other pairs for testing purposes)


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